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as many as 7 bay area men in the sea of cortez. 7 news begins in 60 seconds as many as 7 bay area men in the sea of cortez. 7 news ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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>> spectacular fireworks light up the night sky. over the san francisco waterfront. >> and there were others like these illegal ones on the streets of oakland. good evening everyone. >> there are so many impromptu display tonight no way police can respond to all of them. >> jerry is live for news oakland tonight right now. jerry? >>reporter: well, despite the effort of he can land police and fire department to cut back on the public use of illegal fireworks on this fourth of july. >>reporter: it necessarily didn't happen. city skies were
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once again filled with lights. smochblingt and explosions. fireworks all of them illegal in the city of oakland were visible from on high. down low this was the scene in residential neighborhoods in east oakland. even the safe and saint variety permitted in some parts of the bay area are not allowed in oakland city limits. but those didn't worry the oakland fire department like these. hundreds launched from a mortar. even during daylight hours. oakland fire department hoped the presence of the fully staffed 24 fire engine would curtail the illegal activity. >> we have a heightened awareness with the citizens and letting them know that we are there. actually something was to, fire was to happen we are out about trol we'll get there quicker. >>reporter: but sporadic sounds of explosions continued through the night. including
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flourish of professional grade fireworks which didn't go unappreciated by onlookers. >> responsible parent and know what you are doing, doing it for so many years, have fun. safe environment away from dry grass and kids and a lot of houses and have fun. l. >>reporter: and just got some good news just off the phone with battalion chief lisa baker. as of 11:00 o'clock there have been no serious incidents involving fireworks in the city of oakland. reporting live in oakland, jerry, 7 news. >> thanks jerry that's not the dmais concord where the fourth of july celebration sent one man to the hospital tonight. police got a call about a man who suffered a traumatic injury to his hand because of fivrjts it happened at oliver road in concorde before 8:00 p.m. taken to nearby hospital where injuries are being treated. >> meanwhile thousands of people gathered along the san francisco waterfront for one of the biggest display in the bay
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area tonight. thomas is live at a acquatic park with more on that. thomas? >> we are here almost deserted park and hard to believe just about an hour ago this area was packed with thousands of people enjoying the sky light up with fireworks. now if you weren't one of the 200,000 people here to watch the fireworks we can give you a glimpse of what you missed. few words to describe it fireworks so let's let them speak for themselves. spectacular started late but couldn't disappoint. normal were happy faces in the fireworks display. and beautiful showers of multi-colored sparks. that was what little if girl liked the most. >> it was nice and they had a rainbow. >>reporter: lieutenants of ooh, and awe from the audience. i asked this 2-year-old what she liked. did you lake the fireworks. >> yes. >>reporter: what did you like about them?
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>> cool. >>reporter: cool describes but for this girl it was more than cool. >> it was awesome. it was great. >>reporter: first time. >> yes. >>reporter: really. >> yes, >>reporter: there were a lot of out of towner tonight and from orange county along with their child. >> i'm from orange county i love it. it was so beautiful. different. experience you won't forget even though she's 2. >>reporter: not being satisfied with letting the fourth, go groups of people started their own small show with sparkles. now while the fireworks are over a lot of parties still going on in san francisco police say they have already arrested more than 2 dozen people for dui so far this weekend. they are asking people in the to drink and drive and letting them know they have patrol throughout the city until 2:00 o'clock this morning. reporting live in san francisco, thomas, abc 7 news. >> thank you thomas. in sonoma county man missing tonight and pumd dead after he was swept away by strong currents in the russian
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river. firefighters said man was pushing a woman in an inflatable raft when he slipped off the sand bar at the beach. woman was safely pulled from the river but firefighters search for hours and were unable to find the man. firefighters say that specific area of the river could be especially dangerous for inexperienced swimmers. >> 6 or 8 inches deep and then right out of it the ripple drops off to continue feet or so-so they get swept out. can't swim. they fall and current takes them right out in the deep stuff and can't swim and start screaming. >> while crew were searching for the man they pulled 4 kids from the river who were also swept up by the current. >> about officials say they will continue searching for 7 americans who were part of a fishing trip that ended in disaster. one american is confirmed dead after the boat sank. many on board are from the bay area. it happened early sunday in the sea of cortez near the town of san
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filipe. >>reporter: survivors were in the water for up to 16 hours. some had life jackets while others had to cling to coolers until they were plucked to safety by fishing boats and military vessels. one of the rescued fisherman is charles gibson. a police officer with the contra costa county community college district who has taken the trip for the past three years. >> passengers were awake ended by other passengers and crew members and alerted that the ship was sinking. tl extremely large winds and water pl contributed to the dangerous condition. >>reporter: 27 tourists and 16 crew members were on board the eric week long fishing adventure that began on saturday. around 2:30 sunday morning a sudden storm appeared the with the eric about 2 miles from shore it's thought a larged swell lifted the boat followed by an even bigger one that swamped the 115 foot vessel. >> i'm fine but the boat sank. >>reporter: if january of --
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jan got that call from her husband with a last minute invite on the trip. 62-year-old richard an usher for the san francisco giants was asleep when the wave hit. his wife says he's a stickler about taking his own life jacket on all fishing trips. >> i guess he was in the water about 12 hours and i think he said he swam or at least he told me my last call to him he swam maybe about 8 miles. >>reporter: another survivor is if 43-year-old mike aej of belmont who clung to floating ice chest. >> had to did some swimming. had life jackets on and they did have time to put on life jackets so that's a good thing. >>reporter: one of the missing fisher maynes donald lee of san row money. her daughter says she's been told the search will go on. navy officials says there could be more survivors because the weather and water are so warm. in the newsroom, this is 7 news. >> red cross is helping 12 family left homeless when fire swept through the apartment
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building tonight. took firefighters more than an hour to bringubk the fire and 12 unit complex under control. sky 7 flew overhead as fire crew from the park and neighboring city responded after 4:30 this afternoon. no word yet on how the fire started. but investigators are checking to see if fireworks were involved. one firefighters was treated for heat related injury. >> bart chief of police satisfies his officers acted in defense of their lives when they shot a man last night on train station plat for. chief says when officers approached the suspect he confronted them with a knife and bottle. within a minute after arriving on platform he says one of the officers shot the suspect. >> guy armed with a knife. guy used a bottle as a weapon, one of our officers is injured. our] officers used the force they felt was necessary in the in defense of their lives. >>reporter: suspect was taken to san francisco general hospital where he was pronounced dead about an hour
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later. one of the officers was cut on his arm by a shared of glachlts police speaking to witness and not releasing any additional details. >> squatter up vacant building in san francisco mission district. they are trying to draw attention to what they call a waste of housing. squatters collective called homes not jails organized the rally near 20 and mission. 43 unit building was once the sierra hotel but in the been used for almost 2 decades. activist say some 10,000 people in san francisco are sleeping on the streets but they say the 2010 census shows there are 32,000 vacant housing units in the city. >> season are converging in the sierra. rare day of summer skiing on the slopes around lake tahoe. >> also. the clock pl spins back for old fashioned holiday parade in san jose. >> more fireworks including the dazzle display in our nation capitol. >> then later on "nightline". >> i'm terri. coming up next
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♪ >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> closed captioning brought to ♪ washington, d.c. wrapped up the flashy july 4th celebration with a concert and fireworks on the national mall. hundreds of military members watched from the south lawn of the white house where the first family treated them to barbecu barbecue. nation most extravagant display in new york with the annual macy fireworks show. tens of thousands of people from all over the world streamed to manhattan west side to see the pyrotechnic over the hudson river. celebration later turned somber to commemorate the 10 year mark since the september 11 attacks. >> u.s. troops in afghanistan got a salute from general david >> u.s. troops in afghanistan got a salute from general david petraeus today. if
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if outgoing commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan attended reenlistment ceremony at bagram airfield in afghanistan. troops say they were honored to have general visit them on independence day and today at the white house vm thanked the troops for their service. >> you represent the latest in a long line of hero who have served our country with honor. who made incredible sacrifices to protect the freedom that we all enjoy. >>reporter: more than 1200 military members and their family were his invited to the fourth of july celebration at the white house. celebration included barbecue, concert followed by fireworks. >> in san jose thousands celebrated the holiday at the fourth annual rose white blue parade. event revival of the rose carnival that began in 1896 and later became known as the fiesta la rose parade. rose is in the title it's all about the red white and blue. some of the most colorful participant said is important to celebrate what america is all about. >> a society where you can go
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in and when you have a problem with the fouvt you don't have to take a gun. you can step u up. you can good to city hall. you can go to the legislature. you can talk to them. >> parade started san jose rose garden neighborhood and made its way down the alameda culminating with old fashion on neighborhood pick picnic. >> investigators release more details about last night emergency landing on interstate 280 near woodside. small plane came down in the northbound lanes just north of farm hill road and the landing gear of single engine cessna struck the back of mir said coupe. chp says the pilot was on a test flight when the plane developed a mechanical problem. neither the pilot nor driver of the car were injured. ski season officially ended at squaw valley in the sierra at 2 this afternoon. but the resort could have stayed open for a few more weeks. hundreds also of skiers celebrated fourth of july on the slopes.
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this is only the fourth time in 60 years that has happened at squaw. >> this morning i went water skiing in lake tahoe not too far and then drove over here and then skiing for the last hour or so. >> snow in the morning. water in the afternoon. beach for fireworks at night. so good time. >> not often you see that on the slope. squaw valley saw record breaking snow fall this winter with 810 inches. in someplaces the snow is still 10 feet deep. skiers say the coverage is better now in some parts of squaw than it was back in december. >> down here in the about flats fog blue south with great fireworks display. >> absolutely perfect viewing. sandy here now with more. >> that's right. all in the timing. we did have some fog tonight but it cleared out from the san francisco coast line allowing for the spectacular displays. this afternoon you probably notice the fog was back near the coast and combination of the fog with stronger sea breeze. on shore flow coming off the cooler
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ocean waters knocked down the temperatures especially along the coast. san francisco was running 14 degrees cooler coming in at 67 for high today down 7 half moon bay. 7 degrees. 61 degrees redwood city down 17 degrees. they felt that breeze coming in at 82. but inland areas only down a couple of degrees where we still have the heat. mid to upper 90's there. we see a turn around in the temperatures tomorrow. numbers rate now look like this in the 70's still in our inland east bay so pretty warm there 60's across most of the other bay side community along the coast in the 50's. temperatures rebound tomorrow. hot again inland. mild at the coast. cooling begins on wednesday again and you will see the downward trend right through the weekend. temperatures tonight if really lacking at mainly 50's except in our well inland locations see mild reed weather low to mid 60's. fog first thing in the morning you can see well to the south of us. tonight we see some fog right around south
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of half moon bay and around the monterey bay where it gets pretty thick. fog will just kind of kilometer cholesteroler to the coast lane then pull away tomorrow. temperatures will be in 100 inland so we see the triple digit returning sunday we saw the triple digit today. came down back up again tomorrow. 60's writ near the coast line so a wide range expected for your tuesday afternoon. specific numbers in the south bay. san jose 89 degrees. 94 for new los gatos. 92 in saratoga. looking at mid 80's for sunnyvale, milpetas. peninsula sunshine 76 degrees in millbrae. 85 for redwood city. palo alto. 86 degrees right near the coast you see mid 60's. so inching up jaws couple of degrees. downtown san francisco 73 degrees. 64 if daly city. and in the north bay plenty of sun. triple digit for you could i a-clear lake, 93 in santa rosa and sonoma. san rafael up into the upper 80's range. upward trend for the east bay as well.
11:20 pm
85 for union city. sea breeze slacken a little bit that will allow for the warm-up tomorrow. inland area brentwood 100, antioch livermore 99. 95 in dublin and monterey bay 68. up to 100 degrees inland in morgan hill. look at the 7 day forecast mid 60's to 100 degrees tomorrow. you will feel the heat again in our inland areas but if you don't like the heat, you will notice a cool down beginning on wednesday higher clouds coming in from the south. cooling really continues right through the weekend. by the weekend only mid 80's inland. upper 50's near our beaches. temperatures running well below average for this time of year. but until then another hot day coming tomorrow. >> thanks a lot sandy. >> coming up next. occur for the aging. >> why a sign activist says human could soon live 150 year >> why a sign activist says human could soon live 150 year years. or longer.
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shows your pet you care by unleashing a complete killing force against fleas and ticks. and not just adult fleas. what makes frontline plus complete is that it breaks the flea life cycle killing adults, eggs and larvae. and it keeps killing fleas and ticks all month long. that's why it's the #1 choice of vets for their pets, and yours. unleash a complete killing force in every dose of frontline plus. sf. >> sky 7 hd live over this fire in berkeley right now. you can see that the roof is fully engulfed in flames and firefighters have done a great job of battling these flames here at alcatraz avenue. king street. again we'll keep you
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posted on what is happening here in berkeley. >> within his own life time doctors could have all the tools to kuvr aging. the study anti-aging medicine and says the gene in stem cell therapy could slow and calls it preventive geriatric. create iing ick call the theory science incontributory contributory innegligenceing but yet to be tested. >> san jose joe chest nut looked pretty young as he gobbled his way to his fifth consecutive if nation hot dog eating contest on new york coney island today. tl chest nut devoured 62 dogs and justin minutes. short of the world record. he set back in 2009. when he put away 68 dogs. >> taste pretty good. came out
11:25 pm
here to win. did what hi to d do. crowd -- might need pepto bismo later but i feel in grea great. >> chestnut chief rival wasn't on hand this year. he was ruled ineligible the second year in a row because he trophies sign an exclusive contract with major league eating the governing body of competitive eating which leads me to this question is it a competitive sport. >> he made 220,000 dollars last year. so yes i would have to say. all right. tough day for our local 9s but competitive match up in the cove. this paddle boarder and kayaker. battle for the giants first hit of the season who got the ball. battle for the giants first hit of the season who got the ball. find out next in sports
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>> baseball july 4th go toke and return to at&t park for home cooking for games before
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the all star break. padres put a damper on the july 4. this greeting. current and former service members that's what it is all about pre-game. tim not the best stuff today. trailing 2 nothing in the fifth. if single to center and bartlett score for paid lead. tim gave up 7 hits in 5 innings. over in the sixth and ross a little fly ball and calling ate mild strain hamstring. in the sixth. sandoval launches one. returns to earth it lands in the cove. 2 run shot. first splash hit for the giants. eighth of the year and then the fun in the water. race for the pwawchlt i can't get there t.the kayaker. he just mows him over. afterwards he says let me take your picture. the 58 goes yes, i have your cheese rate hear. all right back to the game. 9th inning. north bay pl product. deep to right. pl see you. san rafael high alum bounces
11:30 pm
off the landing that finds the cove. 2 splash hit in 1 game. 5-3 the final. padres on top. that's the bad news. good news is of course l 4 all star from the giants on the all star team. meanwhile after inner league action the a's back in divisional play host the mariners for 3 games. burger fourth of july. tailgate at the game american as it gets with service member honored today in oakland. strike out former a in the second. at the bottom kurt massivep of late. single to left. pretty good one to get matsui home. 1 nothing oakland. we move to the sixth. fast ball to bart. and he puts some heavy lumber on that pitch. solo home tore right. next inning. running on the pitch. pl rips it down the right field line. rounds third. score the game winning
11:31 pm
run. standing up. l takes a tough loss 2-1 the final. >> we are this close to winnin winning. in the like we get into a position then we do nothing. we are in position to win games we have a tying run winning run at the plate. l games where we have come back to make it 1 run game so just not like we get the games we don't feel like we can win them. we do. >>reporter: frustration with the new manager. tour de france under way with stage 3. 123 mile flat route from this town, pardon my french, if still in france. gee ol ago rave still. check out the tracktor and atv. tour leader. they look like little nascar. bumping going on. american tyler has long had the talent today. turns nature a victory. sprint to the finish for first stage win. if yell jersey you
11:32 pm
are a big cyclist. >> it was good. >> always if you please to see. >> "nightline"up next.i'll carolyn johnson. >> i'm allen and we 11 you fwhit fireworks from our nation's capitol tonight. >> happy fourth of july nation's capitol tonight. >> happy fourth of july everyone. see you ♪ mmm. oh gosh. oh dear.
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